Skills Development Workshop
Thu May 19, 2016 10:

AISMAC is organizing an IT skills development workshop that will take place in the Month of July,  2016.  Registration for participation  begins 1st June.
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Fri Jun 10, 2016 06:

Africa institute for Strategic Management and Capacity building-AISMAC invites you for   a TWO Weeks Skills development training workshop in   Dynamic website development with  PHP/MYSQL
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Financial Management, Book Keeping & Computerized Accounti
Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:

Africa Institute for Strategic Management and Capacity Building - AISMAC invites you  for  training workshops in Lira Town in the following courses :
1.  Financial Management
2.  Book Keeping and Computerized Accounting

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Functional objectives

Africa Institute for Strategic Managemeng and capacity Building-AISMAC operates under six core functional objectives. These include:

  • Wealth creation
    A major cause of poverty in sub Saharan Africa is low levels of productivity and production technology, particularly in the agricultural sector, which provides most of the employment opportunities. Others are: high levels of illiteracy, population growth rates, inadequate infrastructure, and disease. AISMAC is committed to addressing these challenges through strategic capacity building programs designed for farmers, youth, women groups and rural households.

  • Human Resource Development (HDG)
    AISMAC believes that Human Resource Development is one of the crucial factors for development.HRD includes all types of activities which prompt a change of knowledge regarding, education - both formal and non-formal, competence building in different forms and institutional development

  • Information & Communication Technologies
    AISMAC sees ICTs as the engine in transforming economies into information and knowledge-based economies. Behind any positive change, there must be information and knowledge. ICTs are key in information dissemination, knowledge generation and transfer. At AISMAC we believe; building ICT capacity is what is needed by governments, organizations, SMO’s to better service delivery standards, transparency, efficiency and quality.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Management
    80% of Africa’s population entirely depends on agriculture. This sector is particularly important as it benefits the population through increased incomes when they sell their agricultural produce; stabilization of food prices; Creating employment for rural population; increasing demand for consumer goods and services; and stimulating growth in the non formal economy. The goal of AISMAC is to develop build capacity for rural and urban farmers in agriculture enterprise management, production and value addition.

  • Research and Innovation
    Research is crucial for policy makers, planners, business managers, and other stakeholders in reducing uncertainty by providing information that improves the decision-making process. AISMAIC conducts research in agriculture, health, technology, and environment.

  • Health Promotion