Entrepreneurship Skills Development Workshop

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AISMAC launches a skills development program in Kampala
AISMAC launched  a skills development program  in Kampala  Uganda on  25th June 2016. The program whose aim is to  equip    tertiary  students, graduates  and young workers with  working skills and    experience  in IT developments, agribusiness,  Management, entrepreneurship, research and data analysis kicked off on 25th June, 2016 at their training centre at Makerere University-Kampala  with  students from   different tertiary institutions. 

 The unique model of delivery used by AISMAC makes learner  stay focused on skills development and meeting the requirements of job market rather than passing exams.  Among other benefits, AISMAC provides continuous mentorship services to participants after graduating from the program. 
Denis Byaruhanga , Board member  in charge of  IT advisory  services and program management  said in an  exclusive interview  on  Saturday,   that the program is expected to extend to other parts  of Uganda by the close of the 2016.  AISMAC   Reporter-Kampala.